by Marta Tarnawsky

General Index

Please note:

This index contains names of authors, co-authors, editors, translators and illustrators, as well as subject headings by name or topic. Subject headings are based on Library of Congress Subject Headings (8th ed., 1975). A list of subject headings as used in this bibliography is appended. Names of Ukrainian writers and the original titles of their works appear in a transliterated form, using the Library of Congress transliteration system (with the omission of diacritical marks). Names of editors, translators, and illustrators appear as given in the publications: if more than one variant exists, one is chosen. Cross references are provided from forms of names or subjects not adopted. Index entries for B(ooks), A(rticles), T(Translations) and R(eviews) are arranged according to the bibliography sequence, and not in alphabetical order (i.e. not A-B-R-T, but B-A-T-R).

Translations of primary texts, if identified, appear under the author's name with a form subdivision "Translations, English" and the work's original Ukrainian title (transliterated). All unidentified translations can be found under the author's name with only the form subdivision - Translations, English. A distinction needs to be made between titles that appear as subject entries and titles that are texts in translation, e.g. Franko, Ivan. Moisei. [indicating a work about Franko's poem Moisei] and Franko, Ivan - Translations, English - Moisei [indicating complete or partial translations of the poem Moisei].

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