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SLA429S Taras Shevchenko, Spring 2019

Shevchenko as Maidan icon, 2014

Class meets on Thursdays from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM in Alumni Hall 107.

Instructor:Maxim Tarnawsky121 St. Joseph St. Alumni Hall 403 416 926-1300 x3338FAX 416-926-2076

Course Description

SLA 429S offers a detailed examination of Taras Shevchenko as a poet, as a painter, as a person, and as a prophet of the Ukrainian nation. The course covers all of Shevchenko's written works: his poetry, prose, letters, diary, and drama. It also examines some of his artwork. The significance of Shevchenko in Ukrainian literature and history is shown by examining critical works about him. The primary goal of the course, however, is to read and enjoy and then to read again Shevchenko's wonderful poetry.

Graded course requirements
Item Due date Percent of Final Grade
Paper Last class, Apr 4, 2019 30%
Mid Term test Feb 28, 2019 25%
Class Reports as scheduled 20%
Attendance and Participation every week 10%
Concluding test April 4, 2019 15%

Final papers are due April 4, 2019 (the last class) in class. Late papers will be penalized three percentage points for every day they are late. No paper will be accepted after April 9, 2019. Papers are to be 6–8 pages long. They are to be typed, double spaced, and in English. Papers may be written on any topic after consulting with the instructor.

Class Presentations are oral reports before the class of from ten to fifteen minutes. No more than two presentations per class meeting. Assignments will be discussed later in the semester.


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