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SLA429S Taras Shevchenko, Spring 2024

Shevchenko as Maidan icon, 2014

Class meets on Thursdays from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM in Teefy Hall 101.


Instructor:Maxim Tarnawsky121 St. Joseph St. Alumni Hall 403 416-978–8972  

Course Schedule

Schedule of Class Meetings
Jan 11 Introduction. Poetry before Shevchenko
18 Kobzar of 1840
25 Hajdamaky
Feb 1 Try lita
8 Try lita
15 Try lita
22 Reading Week. No Class
29 1847-1850
Essay 1 due
7 1847-1850
14 1857-1861
21 Diary, Letters, Nazar Stodolja
28 Paintings and drawings (esp. self-portraits) and Khudozhnyk
Apr 4 Other Short Stories
Concluding test (in class)


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