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Vocabulary paradigm lists

These vocabulary lists are from the individual chapters of your textbook. Click on each word to see its paradigm (declension or conjugation). This will take you to the site of the Ukrainian On-line Dictionary (

The site is apparently down for legal reasons. All the links on these pages will fail as long as their site is not operational.
There is another site with the same dictionary and paradigms at Unfortunately, I cannot make links to this alternate site, it does not accept calls to its database from outside the site. So you must actually type your search word into their box and then click on button next to the search box.

The keyboard below can help you type the words you need to input. Click on this link to open the alternative dictionary in a separate window. Use the keyboard below to type the word you need, then select it with your mouse, copy it, switch to the other window in your browser, and paste the word in the search box. Then click on the button. Unfortunately, that's the best I can do as long as the other site is down.


The paradigms you will see are from this dictionary. To return to your vocabulary list from the dictionary, you must use the back or return button on your browser.

Remember that different parts of speech have different paradigms and some parts of speech do not undergo any changes at all. Use this table to help you in analyzing parts of speech.


Part of Speech Paradigm
Noun Declension:
7 cases, singular and plural
7 ,
Pronoun Declension:
7 cases
Adjective Declension:
7 cases, 3 genders and plural
7 , 3
Verb ij Conjugation:
infinitive; 3 persons sing. & plu.; 3 forms of imperative; tenses depend on aspect
; 3 . & .; 3 ;
Preposition Does not change; governs case
Adverb Does not change (with some exceptions)
( )
Conjunction Does not change
Particle Does not change
Number Cardinal numbers: 7 cases, some have a plural or alternate form;
ʳ : 7 ,

Ordinal numbers: =adjectives, 7 cases, 3 genders and plural
: =, 7 , 3




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