Ukrainian Studies


Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

SLA358H1S, Breaking Away from Empire:
Ukrainian Fiction Since Independence
Spring 2023

Class meets on Wednesdays 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Instructor:Maxim Tarnawsky121 St. Joseph St. Alumni Hall 403 416–978–8972

Course Description

This course traces the extraordinary development of Ukrainian prose since the collapse of the Soviet Union. We will explore postmodernist euphoria, colonial angst, cultural entropy, hooliganism, national identity, social decay, gender issues, and, of course, the colonial relationship between imperial Russia and Ukraine. All apects of modern Ukraine will be explored as they are reflected in the works of writers such as Oksana Zabuzhko, Yuri Andrukhovych, Serhii Zhadan, Taras Prokhasko and others. All readings in English.

Graded course requirements
ItemDue datePercent of Final Grade
Final Paper, 6–8 pgs. After Last Class, April 525%
Concluding Test Last Class, April 5 20%
Assignment 1 Feb 1515%
Assignment 2 Mar 2215%
Class Reports as scheduled15%
Attendance and Participation as scheduled10%

Final papers are due after the last class and no later than Monday, April 17. Papers are to be 6–8 pages long. They are to be typed, double spaced, and in English. Papers may be written on any topic after consulting with the instructor.

Assignments are short essays of approximately 750 words (less than three pages) due on the days indicated on the schedule. Topics will be given a week in advance. These are to be analytical essays that probe a single work on the topic assigned in the question. Your essay should be narrowly focused, present an argument, and offer a reading (an interpretation) of the work we are reading.

Class Presentations are oral reports before the class on works other than those read by the class as a whole. Students must choose a work of literature and a date from the report schedule. Students are to give an oral presentation of from ten to fifteen minutes. Presentations should be constructed as a general overview of the work and its author along with a subjective evaluation of the most salient features of the work. Presentations are scheduled on a first come first served basis within normal class meetings in the spring term. No more than two presentations per class meeting. Email the instructor to reserve a date.

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