Ukranian Literature. A Journal of Translations

Volume 4
September 28, 2014
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Volume 4 Introduction Maxim Tarnawsky Valerian Pidmohylny The City (Part 1) Translated by Maxim Tarnawsky Taras Shevchenko Three Poems Translated by Boris Dralyuk and Roman Koropeckyj Volodymyr Vynnychenko “The 'Moderate' One and the 'Earnest' One:
A Husband’s Letter to His Wife”
Translated by Patrick John Corness and Oksana Bunio
Taras Shevchenko Four Poems Translated by Alexander J. Motyl Olha Kobylianska "Vasylka" Translated by Yuliya Ladygina Vasyl Stus Poem [Untitled] Translated by Artem Pulemotov Oles Ulianenko “Dinosaur Eggs” Translated by Luba Gawur Ihor Kalynets Four Cycles of Poems Translated by Volodymyr Hruszkewycz Vasyl Makhno Coney Island Translated by Alexander J. Motyl Kseniya Dmytrenko “The Ping Pong Professor” Translated by Patrick John Corness Marta Tarnawsky Ukrainian Literature in English: A Selected Bibliography of Translations. 2000–
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