Ukrainian Studies

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

SLA199H. Invisible Kingdom, Imaginary Space. Imaginary Galicia. Fall 2023

Class meets on Tuesdays from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM in Northrop Frye 006

Instructor:Maxim Tarnawsky121 St. Joseph St. Alumni Hall 403 416-978–8972

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 is due at the beginning of class October 24, 2023.

You must write a brief essay of about 600 words, less than two pages. Essays should be formatted with 1 inch margins, double spacing, and 12 point type.
You don't need an extra page for your name and the title or another extra page for references to works cited (If you cite the novel, you need to indicate a reference). Write clearly. Choose the right words, shape your ideas into meaningful sentences, and structure your argument into cohesive paragraphs. Make sure you say EXACTLY what you mean, not something almost similar to what you thought you might want to say. Be brief and get to your point directly, without lengthy introductions or digressions. Express your insights. Demonstrate that you have given some consideration to the ideas you are expressing and that you understand how these ideas relate to other ways of looking at the topic.

The specific assignment is this:
Describe the character of Hirschl Hurvitz, the son of the shopkeeper in S.Y Agnon's A Simple Tale, which we are reading for class on Oct. 24. How does he relate to women? to his mother? father? politics? What kind of man is he?

Your essay will be judged for the quality of writing and for the depth of your analysis (did you pursue your own ideas to their ultimate significance?). Your essays are not being judged on the thoroughness of your research. Your essay is not being judged by what you know about Jews in Galicia. Express your OWN understanding of the novel and how the author conveys a particular impression for the reader. Make sure that any ideas that are not your own are credited to their actual source. You don't need anyone else's ideas, but if you use them, cite them.


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