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Ukrainian Literature: A Journal of Translations is looking for translations of Ukrainian literary works into English.

After three successful volumes published with the financial support of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in the US, Ukrainian Literature has, unfortunately, lost its financial sponsor. Recently NTSh in the US informed the journal that we will no longer receive their support, which allowed payments of modest honoraria to translators and authors. I am very grateful to the Shevchenko Society for their support in the past, which allowed the journal to establish itself as a leading source for translations of Ukrainian literature into English.

Despite this setback, Ukrainian Literature will continue to publish. Volume four will appear without financial support, which means that translators and authors of original works will not receive honoraria. The issue will appear only on the internet, on the journal's website, www.UkrainianLiterature.org. Meanwhile, I shall be searching for new financial support for the journal. The costs are not very large, and I am confident that a new sponsor or sponsors will be found, allowing the journal to return to its previous practice of paying honoraria and publishing in both electronic and print versions.

In the meantime, the journal is looking for submissions, particularly for our next, unsponsored issue. For this volume I am asking for submissions only from translators who will agree to publication without compensation. Also, translators submitting works for this next issue should choose their texts in the context of our inability to pay honoraria. The works must be out of copyright, or the authors (or copyright holders) must be asked if they will allow their works to be translated without compensation. Unfortunately, that may exclude much of contemporary writing in Ukraine. I hope to resolve this limitation before volume five. In the meantime, for volume four we welcome any good English translations that do not require financial compensation. Please submit them for consideration in the journal. Ukrainian Literature has given many readers access to excellent translations of a diverse range of Ukrainian literary works. Help this project continue.

Thank you,
Maxim Tarnawsky, editor

September 12, 2013