Ukranian Literature. A Journal of Translations

Volume 5
January 11, 2018
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Volume 5 Introduction Maxim Tarnawsky Yuri Andrukhovych “Samiilo, or the Beautiful Brigand” Translated by Vitaly Chernetsky Volodymyr Dibrova “Savchuk” Translated by Lidia and Volodymyr Dibrova Mykola Kulish The People's Prophet Translated by George Mihaychuk Valerian Pidmohylny The City (Part 2) Translated by Maxim Tarnawsky Oles Ulianenko Stalinka (Part 1) Translated by Olha Rudakevych Mykola Riabchuk “Heron's Birthday” Translated by Uliana M. Pasicznyk Volodymyr Dibrova On the Phone Translated by Lidia and Volodymyr Dibrova Taras Prokhasko “A Burnt Summer” Translated by Olha Rudakevych
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