A Journal of Translations

Shevchenko Scientific Society

Volume 1. 2004

Ukrainian Literature in English

A Selected Bibliography of Translations 2000 –


Marta Tarnawsky


¶ 1. For a Crust of Bread: Selected prose fiction by Nataliya Kobrynska, Olena Pchilka, Lyubov Yanovska, Olha Kobylianska, Yevheniya Yaroshynska, Hrytsko Hryhorenko, Lesya Ukrainka. Tr. by Roma Franko. Ed. by Sonia Morris. Saskatoon, SK.: Language Lanterns, 2000. 471 p. ports. (Women’s voices in Ukrainian literature, v.6).


Contents: Introduction to the series. 8 Olena Pchilka: Biographical sketch [2–3]. 8 Artichokes. 8 Nataliya Kobrynska: Biographical sketch [34–35]. 8 For a crust of bread. 8 Lyubov Yanovska: Biographical sketch [70–71]. 8 My romance. 8 Olha Kobylianska: Biographical sketch [158–59]. 8 A human being. 8 A conversation. 8 Ideas. 8 The she-wolf. 8 Yevheniya Yaroshynska: Biographical sketch [312–13]. 8 The accursed mill. 8 The marriage contract. 8 The gold heart. 8 The final refuge. 8 Hrytsko Hryhorenko: Biographical sketch [368–69]. 8 Fate. 8 Lesya Ukrainka: Biographical sketch [398–99]. 8 Such is her fate. 8 The cup. 8 Grief.


¶ 2. A Hundred Years of Youth = Sto rokiv iunosti:A bilingual anthology of 20th century Ukrainian poetry. Compiled and edited by Olha Luchuk and Michael M. Naydan. Lviv: Litopys, 2000. 877 p. illus.


An anthology of selected works by one hundred Ukrainian poets with Ukrainian originals and English translations on opposite pages. Translations are by C.H. Andrusyshen & Watson Kirkconnell [C.H.A. & W.K.], Oksana Asher [O.A.], Jars Balan [J.B.], Bohdan Boychuk [B.B.], James Brasfield [J.B.], Marco Carynnyk [M.C.], Vitaly Chernetsky [V.C.], Elaine Epstein [E.E.], Zbigniew Folejewski [Z.F.], Daniel Halpern [D.H.], Assya Humesky [A.H.], David Ignatow [D.I.], R.A. Jamieson [R.A.J.], J. Kates [J.K.], Stanley Kunitz [S.K.], Jaropolk Lassowsky [J.L.], Stash Luczkiw [S.L.], Oleh Lysheha [O.L.], Askold Melnyczuk [A.M.], Liliana Naydan [L.N.], Michael M. Naydan [M.M.N.], Paul Nemser [P.N.], Aila de Oliveira Gomes [A.O.G.], Larissa M.L.Z. Onyshkevych [L.Z.O.], Dzvinia Orlowsky [D.O.], Gregory Orr [G.O.], Lydia Palij [L.P.], Paul Pines [P.P.], Katha Pollott [K.P.], Orysia Prokopiw [O.P.], Mykola Riabchuk [M.R.], Vera Rich [V.R.], Dorian Rottenberg [D.R.], Bohdan Rubchak [B.R.], Mark Rudman [M.Rud.], Lisa Sapinkopf [L.S.], Grace Schulman [G.S.], Myrosia Stefaniuk [M.S.], Jaroslav Stetkevych [J.S.], Danylo H. Struk [D.H.S.], Marta Tarnavska [M.T.], Yuriy Tarnawsky [Y.T.], Peter Tempest [P.T.], Virlana Tkacz & Wanda Phipps [V.T.& W.P.], Eugenia Vasylkivska [E.V.], Patricia Nell Warren [P.N.W.].

Contents of the English language material:The voices of 20th century Ukrainian poetry / Michael M. Naydan [41–43]. 8 At the crossroads of the century / Mykola Ilnytsky. Tr. by Olesia Shchur [59–72]. 8 Ivan Franko: Moses (Prologue) (My people tormented and broken) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Spring elegy (Spring! You are torturing me! In the sunshine of April you scatter) / Tr. C.H.A.& W.K. 8 For the album of Mrs. O. M. (During a sleepless night) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Yearning roams along a bald mountain) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Lesia Ukrainka: A divine night (We gathered together to go into the dark night) / Tr. M.M.N.8 *** (I want to hold you like ivy) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Songs from a graveyard (I was lying in an old graveyard) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (He who dwelt not among tempests) / Tr. V.R. 8 The Forest song (Excerpts) Keeper of the shadows (I’ve come for what is mine) / Tr. V. T. & W.P. 8 Agathangel Krymsky: *** (I climbed the crest. Below, the clouds were moving) / Tr. C.H.A.& W. K. 8 *** (The prophet speaks: “I like to pray) / Tr. J.S. 8 *** (I stopped to rest) / Tr. J.S. 8 *** (With a red flare the moon went out) / Tr. J.S. 8 Bohdan Lepky: The cranes (Do you behold, my brother bold) / Tr. C.H.A.& W. K. 8 *** (Catch life! It won’t wait for you) / Tr. D.O. 8 Petro Karmansky: *** (In the embraces of grapevines white lilacs have fallen asleep) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (I do not know if, joined with each other) / Tr. V.C. 8 *** (No, I do not want you to love me, my) / Tr. V.C. 8 Vasyl Pachovsky: I would have cursed Prometheus (Like Fata Morgana the groves disappeared) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Gilded sorrow (Friends, don’t be surprised—you are surprised) / Tr. D.O. 8 Sydir Tverdokhlib: In the mirror of the river reaches (Rings move from the shore) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The lament of Icarus (Sun!.. Sun!.. I’ve stopped) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Ostap Lutsky: *** (Dark night moves above the pine wood) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (A fire burns in my soul) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Oleksander Oles: Sorrow and joy (Sorrow and joy have kissed each other) / Tr. C.H.A. & W. K. 8 The asters (The asters had bloomed in the garden at midnight) / Tr. V.R. 8 *** (She always comes at the same time) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (In a cafJ filled with a crowd) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Hrytsko Chuprynka: Ting-a-ling-ling (A poetic jest) (A bright and ethereal sprite we evoke) / Tr. C.H.A.& W. K. 8 Haven’t you heard? (Haven’t you heard?.. But you should hear) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Pavlo Tychyna: *** (Not Zeus, or Pan, or the Dove-Spirit) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Pastels (I. A ray of sun runs. II. The iron day. III. Flutes swayed. IV. Cover me, cover) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Instead of sonnets or octaves: Dawn (Dawn now, but the mist still lingers…) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Test (We just started to love the land, took the spade) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Terror (So again we take the Bible, philosophers, and poets) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Lull (I sleep—I stir. I fulfill a will. Fill) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Rhythm (When two slim girls walk by—red)/ Tr. Y.T. 8 Emptiness (I wash. The water’s like silver bells. The curtains -) / Tr. Y.T. 8 Wind from Ukraine (I love no one) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (And Bely and Blok, Esenin and Kliuev) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Maksym Rylsky: Music (In the night they swooped down) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Heine (Harlequin with a rose in his hand) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Baudelaire (In a paradise of blissful torments where on thin stalks) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Our nuptial bed was decked with fragrant roses) / Tr. C.H.A.& W.K. 8 *** (Autumn began to smell of withered tobacco) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 To Mykola Zerov (Like a tulip that in Haarlem) / Tr. V.R. 8 Mykola Zerov: The Laestrygons (“This, King, is the wild land of Laestrygons) / Tr. C.H.A.& W. K. 8 Vergil (A Mantuan peasant, easy-paced and brown) / Tr. C.H.A. & W. K. 8 Kyiv from the left bank (Welcome, dreamy, golden-haired Kyiv) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Avarians (Spring blooms in all its beauty) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 In the steppe (The high and even steppe. Grave mounds in a green string) / Tr. V. R. 8 For an album (The burden of working years has lain on my back) / Tr. L.N. 8 Pavlo Fylypovych: *** (The silver beak of the moon) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Look, look on boundless fields, unploughed, unfarmed) / Tr. V.R. 8 Monomakh (He’s looking from the tower) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (A single will controls the world) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Mykhailo Drai-Khmara: Second birth (It seemed sufficient honor so to render) / Tr. O.A. 8 *** (Once again like the first man) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The city of the future (A semicircle, straight lines, squares) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Swans (Upon the lake with winds through willows singing) / Tr. O.A. 8 Oswald Burghardt: Volodymyr (1. The monk, sent hither from Byzantium; 2. Moustache of gleaming gold, and silver head; 3. Among the spread of grainfields ruling long) / Tr. V.R. 8 Volodymyr Svidzinsky: (Tired, leaning on the hills) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 *** (The haziness of blinding days has buzzed) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Cold silence. Broken moon) / Tr. B.B.& K.P. 8 The penduluym is tired (The pendulum’s tired) / Tr.V.T.& W.P. 8 *** (The rain struck, rocking) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Bread, and the fragrance of milk, and a portion of gold-coloured butter) / Tr. C.H.A.& W.K. 8 Mykhajl Semenko: The conductor (Along the edge of the world at night) / Tr. M.M.N.8 Village landscape (O) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 The ocean (I don’t know if) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Geo Shkurupiy: Semaphores (All over Ukraine) / Tr. Z.F. 8 *** (This is Geo Shkurupiy) / Tr.Z.F. 8 Mykola Bazhan: The blood of the captive women (A shaggy-maned horse strikes its hoof on its bridle) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The ghetto in Uman (The earth is horrified, as are rust and dust) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Nights of Hoffmann (Over carved rungs—into an abyss, a hole, gloominess) / Tr. M.Rud.& B.B. 8 Volodymyr Sosiura: *** (No one loved so before. In a thousand years once) / Tr. D.R. 8 On the corner (On the noisy corner there’s a bookstore) / Tr. M. M.N. 8 *** (Wounds of anger) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Love Ukraine (Love Ukraine like the sun, o love her) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Maik Yohansen: *** (There I walk on the train tracks and totter) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (By the roofs through rusty grain) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Yuriy Darahan: *** (It merged together, submerged, extinguished…) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (The wind and I in the wild field) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Evhen Malaniuk: Earthy Madonna (As in Ionic columns here) / Tr. C.H.A.& W.K. 8 Biography (1. Always intense, for always against currents. 2. So, coming out of a dull prairie. 3. I must drink this cup to the bottom) / Tr. B.R. 8 August (Time, Lord, for solitude, humility) / Tr. V.R. 8 Oleksa Stefanovych: *** (There will not be Arsen) / Tr. G.S. 8 1941–1944 (In bread she stands) / Tr. G.S. 8 Vasyl Khmeliuk: When will my auntie come for me (When will my Auntie) / Tr. P.P. 8 Azure (I’ll leave footprints in the sky) / Tr. P.P. 8 *** (and again love ripens) / Tr. P.P. 8 Mykhailo Rudnytsky: Autumnal (A dark thread weaves from mountains to valleys) / Tr. D.O. 8 Waiting for a letter (I’m not waiting for a letter) / Tr. D.O. 8 Evhen Pluzhnyk: *** (At night they led him to a firing squad) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (He shoved him up against the wall) / Tr. G.O. 8 *** (How futile—to deck stanzas lavishly…) / Tr. V.R. 8 *** (All day long a certain unsure mood) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Stone has a single purpose—to stay!) / Tr. G.O. 8 *** (Judge me then with your severest judgement) / Tr. V.R. 8 Vasyl' Mysyk: The heart of Burns (To singing his beloved’s praises) / Tr. P.T. 8 The drop (It’s dark in the room here from shelves overburdened) / Tr. P.T. 8 Vadym Lesych: The parchmant of memory (The crumpled parchment of memory does not rustle) / Tr. P.N.W. 8 Black and white (Nights do not roll over horizons or break) / Tr. E.E. 8 Stone upon stone (You have to place stone upon stone) / Tr. E.E. 8 *** (You look without a word into the faded window) / Tr. E.V. 8 Bohdan Ihor Antonych: Self-portrait (Red and silver maples) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Spring (Antonych grows, the grass grows) / Tr. P.N. 8 To the bottom (I hewed a poem from silver) / Tr. P.N. 8 Fall (Watch the long days grow ripe like early apples on the apple tree) / Tr. A.H. 8 The rustle (The straw heap slowly stirs and rustles) / Tr. A.H. 8 Song of the indestructibility of matter (Lassoed by wind, blanketed by sky) / Tr. M.Rud. 8 Six strophes of mysticism (The night slipped down like the cape from Christ’s shoulders) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The house beyond the star (The anthem of vegetation streams through my veins) / Tr. M.Rud. 8 Sviatoslav Hordynsky: Apocalyptic (Above the much bountiful earth) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Gaze: a gold color, barely sensed) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The city (In the dark blue darkness such a transparent instant) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Olena Teliha: *** Sharp eyes staring wide in the darkness) / Tr. V.R. 8 Without a name (It’s not love, not whim, not adventure) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Evening song (Outside the panes, day grows cold) / Tr. V.R. 8 The memory most dear (When the evening descends on the city) / Tr. O.P. 8 *** (Jasmine bushes bloom) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Oleh Olzhych: Pebbly beach (The curving road overhung by the precipice) / Tr. D.I. 8 *** (Evening. I look on the blue rock-faces) / Tr. V.R. 8 Aquarium (Pause for a moment on the gloomy staircase) / Tr. B.B.& D.I. 8 Dutch painting (I wiped the heavy oak benches clear) / Tr. B.B.& D.I. 8 Todosiy Osmachka: To night eternal (Oh, night, night without echo and sound) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Laughter (The Mediterranean Sea is rumbling) / Tr. E.V. 8 Elegy (Hospital) / Tr. V.R. 8 Mykhailo Orest: *** (Like a black boat, night into town comes sailing) / Tr. V.R. 8 *** (The day falls like a short-winged bird that shivers) / Tr. V.R. 8 *** (Today I thought about the woods again) / Tr. V.R. 8 Enduring (I saw myself. There where the battlefield / Tr. V.R. 8 After a cinema show (Evil is punished, right triumphantly is gleaming) / Tr. V.R. 8 Vasyl Barka: Paradise (Sunflowers pray) / Tr. S.L. 8 The wanderer (I. The day of victory, I keep silent. II. I knew what I chose. X. On the evening mountain are cherries) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The ruins of the sea (Through sea-gull thickets parting and farewell) / Tr. B.R. 8 Today (Today this new moon plants) / Tr. S.L. 8 Visible warning (The rotted pine lay like a spine) / Tr. S.L. 8 Leonid Pervomaisky: From the top of the hill without brakes (The wind streams past your head) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (A sad sound something like flutes) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 In Babyn Yar (Stand beside me, stand here, my son) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (The past brooks no denial) / Tr. P.T. 8 Hryhoriy Kochur: The translator (And so, in foreign works you’ll now go ranging) / Tr.V.R. 8 Oleh Zujewskyj: The end of Hemingway (All shadows are braiding into one shadow) / Tr. J.B. 8 Proteus (From today on there will be no greeting) / Tr. P.N.W. 8 Ars poetica (Narrow roads lead to words) / Tr. J.B. 8 A lament for Ophelia (The stream is still murmuring there) / Tr. J.B. 8 Around the fish (Neither a leaf’s mould nor commandment fables) / Tr. B.R. 8 Dmytro Pavlychko: Two colors (In spring when I was young and thought) / Tr. D.O. 8 I must (I must read books) / Tr. D.O. 8 *** (You are like the rain. And I’m like a maple tree) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Kyiv in May (Kyiv in May) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Photographs (In age-old photos) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Lina Kostenko: Granite fishes (Quiet rules over the expanse of ocean) / Tr. V.R. 8 *** (A shady spot, twilight, a golden day) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (I stop and for a long time will listen) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Landscape from my memory (Just barely I touch a word with watercolor) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Yesterday Blok came to visit me in the rain) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The fire is roaring (The fire is roaring—merry Satan rains) / Tr. V.R. 8 Wira Wowk: Psalm (Angels of Light: Blessed are You) / Tr. L.Z.O. 8 Mandala: The Mountain (When the hermit) / Tr. A.O.G. 8 The sea (The sailor read) / Tr. A.O.G. 8 Myself (My house is a royal palace) / Tr. A.O.G. 8 Rain (The tree trunks are sticky with sunlight) / Tr. Y.T. 8 Anaconda (Maybe in the dance of an anaconda) / Tr.Y.T. 8 Emma Andijewska: Birth of an idol (As though slime had been torn off monsters) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (One day far back I lost my face in stone) / Tr. V.R. 8 An unlawful meeting with prophets (The beards of prophets are like sheat-fish) / Tr. P.N.W. 8 The storm (The giant cocks of thunder tumbled from their perches) / Tr. B.R. 8 Bohdan Boychuk: For my mother (1. For everything. 2. With hands. 3. Tears streaming from. 4. I’ve seen an icon over her head. 5. And I brought her) / Tr. D.I. 8 A mirror (Early day you disfigure) / Tr. M.Rud. 8 Landscapes (Landscapes pass through you) / Tr. M.Rud. 8 Look into the faces of dead poets (The cheek bones protrude) / Tr. D.I. 8 Five poems on one theme (1. Whoever can smell. 2. Whoever can taste. 3. Whoever had eyes. 4. Whoever has a voice. 5. Whoever has ears) / Tr. D.I. 8 Open my lips (Open my lips) / Tr. A.M. 8 God is with us (Becoming man) / Tr. A.M. 8 Yuriy Tarnawsky: When the poet Pablo Neruda is no longer with us (You are dead, Pablo) / Tr. Y.T. 8 Arrival V (My feet, left behind among molecules…) / Tr. Y.T. 8 Every wound has a name (Every wound has a name, a right) / Tr. Y.T. 8 *** (I am not a poet) / Tr. B.R. 8 Bohdan Rubchak: Dramaturgy (I’ve lived through our lifegiving sin) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (I’ve fashioned a cage of words for you) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The angel’s betrayal (Shoulders have grown weary from clumsy wings) / Tr. L.N. 8 To Hamlet (Not the first book, and not the last) / Tr. Y.T. 8 Volodymyr Luchuk: Tenderness (Evening: Whispers. Eyes—cornflowers) / Tr. D.O. 8 *** (The maple burns in the wind) / Tr. D.O. 8 Birds (Birds, like people, gravitate toward their nests) / Tr. A.H. 8 Simply a poem about a sunflower (Among the beets, those which my wife has planted) / Tr. A.H. 8 Vasyl Symonenko: *** (Granite obelisks, like medusas) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (In my soul) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Everything was there. The road began to scream) / Tr. M.M.N. *** (The people are beautiful) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The Ukrainian lion (My thoughts now are swelling, to words they are growing) / Tr. V.R. 8 Ivan Drach: Sunflower (The sunflower had arms and legs) / Tr. D.H. 8 The pail (I am—zinc is my form. And I contain—cherries) / Tr. S.K.& G.O. 8 The mystery of beginning (Is there a beginning in wailing? Or in a black piece of flint?) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 La strada (La strada, a saber of curved steel) / Tr. P.N.& M.Rud. 8 Wings (Through forests and jungles) / Tr. P.N.& M.Rud. 8 Synthesis (Banquet of storm. Thunder rolls) / Tr. P.N.& M.Rud. 8 Mykola Vinhranovsky: *** (I got on the wrong plane) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (When the night begins) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The first lullaby (Sleep, my little baby, lulla-bye!) / Tr. D.R. 8 Vasyl Stus: *** (The sea -) / Tr. J.L.8 *** (The evening thickens with a chapter from the Koran) / Tr. J.L. 8 Sleepless night (I am gleaning thoughts like grains) / Tr. V.R. 8 *** (The pain is like the alcohol of agonies) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (You’re shade, you’re shadow, dusk and long reproof) / Tr. M.C. 8 *** (How well it is that I am not afraid of death) / Tr. C.H.A. 8 *** (A hundred mirrors glare at me) / Tr. L.Z.O. 8 Ihor Kalynets: Verses about uncertainty (* someone strode this road * there were good stars * our land doesn’t lack * a finger carved from stone * and yet * how to achive [sic, i.e. achieve] certainty * being able to graze lions * the girl closed the circle * the most charming creature * no one ahead / Tr. M.C. 8 Mykola Kholodny: A poem you’ll never think of a title for (On a sheer hillside) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (I lose my head) / Tr. D.O. 8 Roman Kudlyk: *** (When our shadows) / Tr. D.O. 8 *** (… And still I dream) / Tr. D.O. 8 Oksana Senatovych: Wife of an artist; a triptych. (1. Spring won’t blossom without you. 2. I sleep the sleep of a fireman. 3. You turned me into a shadow) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Pear (Autumn comes ringing bells) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Stepan Hostyniak: Archeological finds (An endless steppe of the night) / Tr. A.H. 8 A plant hymn (All right, all right!) / Tr. A.H. 8 Bohdan Stelmakh: Van Cliburn (Long) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Invite me into your dreams (Years go by—no big deal) / Tr. A.H. 8 Love blossoms only once (Look, everything is blooming all around) / Tr. A.H. 8 Mykola Vorobiov: The rendezvous (I bought a flower on the corner) / Tr. M.S. 8 The chase (We’re in a boat: I’m in sunlight) / Tr. M.S. 8 *** (To be—brush a hand along the snow again) / Tr. M.S. 8 Searches for balance (If you pick up a pear that rolled away) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Cage—balcony—frost—dream (for the lonely a cage ) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Vasyl Holoborodko: Night song (Late at night, as I sit reading a book) / Tr. M.S. 8 *** (On the corner of that street) / Tr. M.S. 8 *** (Going, I leave you a singing leaf) / Tr. M.S. 8 Her name (You told me to guess your name) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Victor Kordun: Psalm of loneliness (God has abandoned me along the way) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 Psalm of white silk (Lord, God, spring is abloom in whiteness) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 *** (Take my hand) / Tr. D.O. 8 Vasyl Ruban: *** (… don’t look into the window) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (… when we bring each other the agony of parting) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Mykola Miroshnychenko: Though I look at the world / Tr. D.O. 8 *** (On the marble sea) / Tr. D.O. 8 The stars (The stars) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Roman Babowal: *** (books under heaps of the dust of conscience) / Tr. Y.T. 8 July 25 (I brought you the moon, stolen) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 *** (my spider) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 *** (snake-like, a long path) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 *** (I write a love letter) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 *** (we are like frightened birds) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 Lydia Palij: Junction without sign posts (By the Dnipro river) / Tr. L.P. 8 Loneliness (Loneliness has no scent) / Tr. L.P. 8 A woman beyond the window (When late at night) / Tr. L.P. 8 Marta Tarnavska: *** (Did you, too, have this night?) / Tr. M.T. 8 A black cat (A black cat crossed my path) / Tr. M.T. 8 Das ewig Weibliche (I am the earth) / Tr. M.T. 8 In my life, too, there was a Babyn Yar / Tr. M.T. 8 Moses Fishbein: The ravine (1. In the morning silence. 2. Over Babyn Yar the cranes are flying) / Tr. B.B.& J.K. 8 In memory of Paul Celan (Master of twigs and broken glass) / Tr. B.B.& J.K. 8 *** (A mouth contorted in pain) / Tr. B.B.& J.K. 8 *** (… It is still the season of a warm Easter) / Tr. B.B.& J.K. 8 Apocrypha (Sweetness is the seasoning of sorrow) / Tr. B.B.& J.K. 8 Hryhoriy Chubai: The search for the accomplice (He saw today in his own eye) / Tr. D.H.S. 8 Oleh Lysheha: He (On the mountain, wet with overripe blackberry) / Tr. J.B.& O.L. 8 Song 212 (There are so many superstars, overgrown with weeds) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Song 352 (When you need to warm yourself) / Tr. J.B.& O.L. 8 Song 551 (Until it’s too late—knock your head against the ice) / Tr. J.B.& O.L. 8 Mykola Riabchuk: *** (here I am) / Tr. M.R.& R.A.J. 8 *** (we have been trained to write) / Tr. M.R.& R.A.J. 8 To think about eternity (To think about eternity—to think) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Volodymyr Ivasiuk: Red rue (Own up to me) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Sofia Maidanska: *** (You’ll always be able to find me) / Tr. L.Z.O. 8 A Scythian etude (From beneath the roots) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Only once) / Tr. L.Z.O. 8 Hryhoriy Falkovych: The Holosiiv Forest (I touch the trees I come upon) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Lake Chinnereth (In autumn we were stydying) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Where is the carver who has carved those leaves? / Tr. A.H. 8 Natalka Bilotserkivets: We’ll not die in Paris (You forget the lines smells colors and sounds) / Tr. D.O. 8 A hundred years of youth (A hundred years of youth and all beyond—a wasteland) / Tr. M.S. 8 The Picasso elegy (That very night the snow began to fall. Go.) / Tr. M.M.N.& D.O. 8 May (So, that’s how we spent that terrifying spring) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 A knife (A knife, to cut bread) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Liudmyla Taran: The blues (My movements, gestures) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 India ink (The spot of India ink is beautifully) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 *** (The raw material for chance and fate) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (Not even Paris can save you. Wine) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Taras Fediuk: A night of sorcery (A night of sorcery. The tiny corner of a village) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 final parting (Your eyes are like the wind) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (I know, it’s not worth it) / Tr. M.M.N.8 Vasyl Herasymiuk: Men’s dance (You have to dance the arkan) / Tr. J.B. 8 *** (The century passes) / Tr. J.B. 8 *** (I asked you) / Tr. J.B. 8 The first snow (It quieted blood. It quieted its step) / Tr. M.M.N.8 *** (Is your future in the stars?) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Ihor Rymaruk: *** (It’s the very first night) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (I don’t know where you’ve come from) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The sonnet-mutant (Where is the elegance of form and the clarity of lines?) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Sign (I have flown through a hundred worlds as one) / Tr. R.A.J. 8 Star (I would, probably, live in an invisible way) / Tr. R.A.J. 8 Ivan Malkovych: An angel on my shoulder (Along the edge of the world at night) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Folk scene (On a heap amidst thistles) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 Southern Ukraine (The spirit of Cimmerian silver) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 At home (Again I’ll visit for a day or two) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 Oksana Pakhliovska: The last cicada (When the doors shut close) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Forests near Prypyat (Forests near Prypyat flare) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Oksana Zabuzhko: Clytemnestra (Agamemnon’s coming home) / Tr. L.S. 8 Letter from the summer house (Hello, dear. After the recent acid rains) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 A definition of poetry (I know I’ll die a difficult death) / Tr. M.M.N.& A.M. 8 Tadej Karabowicz: *** (behind night’s veil) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 *** (it is hard to survive without you) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 *** (my heart told me) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 *** (bare crosses looked at my nakedness) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 *** (beloved Kholm region) / Tr. B.B.& M.S. 8 Maria Rewakowicz: Entreaty (embrace me) / Tr. P.P. 8 *** (you kiss) / Tr. P.P. 8 Personal poem (You enter the forest, hidden by trees)/ Tr. P.P. 8 Whispering, whispering (you penetrate) / Tr. Y.T. 8 Yuriy Andrukhovych: Midnight flight down High Castle Hill (it’s not really the Garden of Eden not oranges shining) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The museum of antiquities (How the two of us amble) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Jamaica the Cossack (oh how many tough miracles are out there my stallion my brother) / Tr. V.C. 8 India (India begins with dreams about setting out) / Tr. V.C. 8 Library (we search for the most esoteric knowledge) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Victor Neborak: Flying head (It lifts up, like a head) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Fish (cold-blooded beings) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Supper (There were seven of us) / Tr. J.B. 8 Metro fantasy (The reflection disappears again you) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (there are mirrors and doors) / Tr. J.B. 8 Oleksander Irvanets: Love Oklahoma! (Love Oklahoma! At night and at supper) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 An open letter (We can’t either sleep or eat here) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Yaroslav Dovhan: *** (A disciplined, fasting woman only an old man wants) / Tr. D.O. 8 *** (She’s back. Now every night) / Tr. D.O. 8 Petro Midianka: Hi there, Mr. Warhol (Andriy Warhola—Ruthenian or khokhol?) / Tr. D.O. 8 Ironic (Roses wrapped in cellophane) / Tr. D.O. 8 Yurko Pozaiak: *** (Come see me tomorrow!) / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 A warning (for whoever has already lost hope) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (If you keep a bird captive) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Alcohaiku (Today for the second time I) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Attila Mohylny: Beatles (1. I want to tell you about. 2. When I hear this music from Liverpool. 3. When I think of writing about you. 4. Believe me. 5. … I see the guys on our block) / Tr. V.T & W.P. 8 Archipenko’s plasticity (The intricacy of our recollections) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Kostiantyn Moskalets: She (tomorrow a handful of your friends) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Ivan Luchuk: Three whales (The world is the dream of three brothers) / Tr. M.M. N. 8 Je t’aime (By habit I repeated the cliché of love) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Nazar Honchar: Self-portrait in a tram car (I’m riding a tram) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Self-portrait in a frying pan (I bend over a frying pan) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Ode to a bed or a lullaby for myself (My bed) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 A dream (with Antonych at the head of the bed) (they jeered at me) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Roman Sadlovsky: Journey to the other shore (We needed to walk a few steps to the flood-tide) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 The arrival (a cliff is painted with the mysterious signs of your departures) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Vasyl Makhno: *** (you foresaw beyond the hills of a dream) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Yaryna Senchyshyn: *** (bits of stilled time) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Mittelspiel (I don’t want to tell you) / Tr. D.O. 8 Maria Kryvenko: *** (My dark-eyed angel) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (In the city) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Halyna Petrosaniak: *** (I’ve seen this landscape before, and I’ll see it many times more) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (I fall into dependence from your presence. Fleeing) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Anka Sereda: I don’t want to be a poet / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 In our blood / Tr. V.T.& W.P. 8 Serhiy Zhadan: *** (Everything, as always, is justified) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 Atheism (You always approached) / Tr. M.M.N. 8 *** (When no one remained who loved you) / Tr. D.O.


¶ 3. Kobylians'ka, Ol'ha. On Sunday Morning She Gathered Herbs. Tr. by Mary Skrypnyk. With an introd. by Maxim Tarnawsky. Edmonton: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, 2001. xi, 168 p. port.


Translation of the novel V nediliu rano zillia kopala.


¶ 4. Tsybulko, Volodymyr. Angels in a Piramid = Anhely v piramidi: Poems / Volodymyr Tsibulko. Tr. from Ukrainian by Yurij Tarnawsky. Lviv: Kalvariia, 2001. 62, 57 p. illus.


A bi-lingual English-Ukrainian collection of Tsybulko’s poetry with brief notes about the author and the translator.

Contents of the English language material: Volodymyr Tsybulko [4]. 8 Yuriy Tarnawsky [5]. 8 The pyramid: *** (I came back home like an epic poem). 8 *** (earth bed bugs revolution). 8 *** (this unexpected smell). 8 *** (they cut off electricity long time ago). 8 *** (the negative of a landscape). 8 The lock (there was a lock with a tongue for a cover). 8 Underground (0.0 here I learned to understand. 1.1 this unconscious seepage. 1.2 as long as an artist’s model shines for us. 1.3 a rat named Harmodios to frighten the tyrant of the flesh. 1.4 the bodies of those killed by silence. 1.5 the stone in the sculpture expands. 1.6. night between two dates. 1.7 the dissection of the planes and maxims. 2.1 who do you burn for nameless candle. 2.2 a wind will come blowing down from another outer space. 2.3 I burned my faded jeans. 3.0 like a line on a street artist’s portrait. 3.1 smashing calendars carved in stone. 3.2 in the middle of the night. 3.3 having exchanged butterfly wings. 8 The Angel of Collapse (three generations separate). 8 The Angel of Creation (a flight is never called a flight. 8 Gypsies (a little later just past midnight you start crying). 8 Text No.1 (1. o endless o inexhaustible o inexpressible world of forms). 2. a hallow- or phalotherapist. 3. I am a debtor but I collect debts. 4. o form of scream! like a red rectangle the machine of silence. 5. that’s how the one condemned to death. 6. so when you hang up on a pole Allen Ginsberg’s jeans. 7. and poppy milk.


¶ 5. Tychyna, Pavlo. The Complete Early Poetry Collections of Pavlo Tychyna = Ranni zbirky poezii Pavla Tychyny. Translated with a critical introd. and notes by Michael M. Naydan. Guest introd. by Viktor Neborak. Lviv: Litopys, 2000. 430 p.


A parallel text, Ukrainian-English edition.


Contents of the English language material: Introduction [7–13]. 8 Acknowledgments [140 / Michael M. Naydan. 8 The senses and nonsenses of Pavlo Tychyna / Victor Neborak. Tr. by Michael M. Naydan. [25–27]. 8 Clarinets of the Sun (1918): Not Zeus, or Pan, or the Dove-Spirit… (Not Zeus, or Pan, or the Dove-Spirit) 8 The clouds swirled into curls (The clouds swirled into curls. Azure settled in the depth) 8 The groves rustle (Groves rustle) 8 In harps, in harps (Like harps, like harps) 8 Somewhere spring approached… (Somewhere spring approached. I told her: “You’re spring!”) 8 The flower in my heart (There is a flower in my heart) 8 Don’t look so fondly… (Don’t look so fondly) 8 She looked at me brightly… (She looked at me brightly—violins began to sing!) 8 I cried from love, I sobbed (I cried from love, I sobbed). 8 O my Inna… (O my Inna, darling Inna!) 8 I’m standing at the bend… (I’m standing at the bend) 8 The poplars in the fallow field are free… (The poplars in the fallow field are free) 8 A girl’s emboidering…. (A girl’s embroidering and sobbing) 8 A flowery meadow (A flowery meadow and golden rain) 8 O, nature, don’t conceal… (O, nature, don’t conceal, don’t hide) 8 The birds still… (The birds are still bathing the azure day in ringing songs) 8 It’s dawning (It’s dawning…) 8 Enharmonies: The fog (Above the swamp milk is spun); The sun (Somewhere the birds of paradise nibble); The wind (a Bird—a river—a stalk of green vetch); The rain (On the water, in someone’s hand) 8 They trample flowers… (They trample flowers, they trample the dew). 8 To the cathedral. I. (Willows to one side). II. The path to the garden. 8 Pastels: I. (A rabbit ran past). II. The iron day. III. It vibrated with flutes. IV. Cover me, cover me.8 I walked to the grove (I went to the grove). 8 Someone was caressing the fields (Someone was caressing the fields, caressing them) 8 On steep cliffs… (On steep cliffs) 8 A child went out for bread… (A child went out for bread—rosily!) 8 Open the doors… (Open the door) 8 Sorrowful mother (I. She passed through a field. II. She passed through the field. III. She passed through a field. IV. She passed through the field) 8 Along the azure steppe… (Along the azure steppe). 8 Lullaby (Go to sleep, little baby, go to sleep! May your dreams erupt in flowers!) 8 The choir of bell-flowers (A fragment of a long poem) (Tiny bells) 8 Green Sunday (From its golden courtyard) 8 War (I. I lie down to bed. II. To the right—the sun) 8 A duma on three winds (In early spring, at the onset of spring) 8 The golden hum (Above Kyiv there is a golden hum) 8 [Notes]. 8 The Plow (1920): The plow (Wind) 8 Sow seeds… (With a song, with play) 8 And Bely and Blok… (And Bely and Blok, Esenin and Kliuev) 8 On the square… (On the square near the church) 8 He fell… (He fell from his horse) 8 They outstar the stars (They outstar the stars) 8 It will be this way… (It will be this way) 8 Interplanetary intervals… (Interplanetary intervals!) 8 Just beyond the village… (Just beyond the village) 8 At Shevchenko’s grave… (I. Having paid homage to the remains. II. We stayed overnight on the floating Seagull Hotel. III. Beyond Trypillia on a mountain) 8 The Messiah (I imagine) 8 From the cycle “Creation of the world” (I. In the beginning there was nothing. II. The gray evening has already nodded off. III. They let the poor be sacrificed) 8 Letters to a poet: a triptych (I. A map of Hellas, a book by Kotsiubynsky. II. You seem to be not from these parts. III. I’m a communist girl, wearing foreign clothes) 8 Madonna of mine (I. Madonna of mine, Immaculate Virgin. II. Already they sing and exalt a new name. III. My Madonna, Blessed Virgin. IV. Not of stone, not of marble) 8 The psalm to iron (I. We hate accursed copper. II. Somewhere beyond the seas there is law and honor. III. The blessed hour passed like a dream. IV. What the hell do we need power for?) 8 Rondels (I. I walk from work, from the factory. II. The poplars mobilize) 8 February 26 (March 11) (I. There, on a hill, beyond the Dnipro. II. The preachermen and dictators came (o shame!) 8 I know… (I know: the new bards, the new beauty, the rabble) 8 For Hnat Mykhailychenko (We can’t imagine you decaying) 8 One escapes to love… (One escaped in love, another in mysticism) 8 For shrivelled prophets (To you, poets of the state, petty waiters) 8 Burn the proclamations (Burn the proclamations, trample the decrees) 8 [Notes]. 8 Instead of sonnets and octaves (1920): *** (It’s dawning, but still there is mist) 8 Autumn (Over all cultures of the world May mold has grown) 8 Antistrophe (Grown-ups and seven-year-olds sing: “O, sweet apple, where are you rolling?” 8 Terror (Once again we take the Gospels, philosophers, poets. The one). 8 Antistrophe (Airplanes and the perfection of technology—what good is it) 8 Rock-A (I sleep—can’t sleep. I bow to someone else’s will. I rock-a-) 8 Antistrophe (Even when above boundless water) 8 The highest power (“Get dressed for a firing squad!” someone shouted) 8 Antistrophe (I’ll never love a woman without) 8 Rhythm (When two slender girls walk—with red poppies) 8 Antistrophe (She poured some milk for the hungry children and sat down) 8 Evohe! (The creators of the revolution are, for the most part, lyric poets) 8 Antistrophe (Join the party, where they look upon at a human being) 8 Who’ll say (The rain dripped a little—and all the sidewalks now have) 8 Antistrophe (Grass grows wherever it wants. The wind tosses an order for) 8 Chauvinistically (They take bread, coal, sugar, and repeat as though in) 8 Antistrophe (The rightists go back, but they try to hold their head) 8 A test (As soon as we began to love the land, took) 8 Antistrophe (The most profound, the loftiest and, at the same time) 8 Emptiness (I wash. The water’s like metallophones. A curtain) 8 Antistrophe (The city is decked out in painted posters: a person) 8 Tares (They shoot the heart, they shoot the soul—they) 8 Antistrophe (It’s still not a revolution just to play Scriabin) 8 [Notes]. 8 In the orchestra of the cosmos (1921): I. (Blessed be) 8 II. (I am spirit, the spirit of eternity, of matter. I am primordial muscles). 8 III. (In the orchestra of the cosmos). 8 IV. (What are our tears, our screams and shouts?) 8 V. (On the shores of eternity the sun is moving) 8 VI. (Like a cannon ball shot from a cannon) 8 VII. (An anemic planet was withering in the sun) 8 VIII. (Humanity speaks) 8 IX. (Once the gardens of Semiramis bloomed) 8 X. (In tsars they found their guardians and kin) 8 [Notes]. 8 Wind from Ukraine (1924): Wind from Ukraine (I love no one) 8 Yaroslavna’s lament (I. Snow. More snow). II. (A strange flotilla glistens in the sun) 8 Summer is on the way… (Summer is on the way) 8 Mykyta the tanner (Mykyta was tanning hides) 8 Three sons (Three sons came to their mother) 8 Faust is walking (Faust is walking through Europe) 8 Famine (If only the sun would rise… “Mommy, some bread!”) 8 An answer to my countrymen (Like Dante in hell) 8 I will speak for all… (I will speak for all and suffer for everyone) 8 O strength of my hate (O strength of my hate) 8 To great liars (“O, how we love harmony so much!”) 8 Before a monument to Pushkin in Odessa (Take care, my Pushkin, mighty organ of the earth!) 8 Such a lovely autumn (Such a lovely autumn) 8 On a farmstead (… A little girl on a clay bench) 8 We say… (We say: the sun is rising) 8 Spring (Spring, spring! Such azure blue) 8 La bella fornarina (Along the Tiber Raphael floated) 8 Storm clouds lay all around (Storm clouds lay a siege everywhere—and the field hid into shadow) 8 The rebels (A fragment) (“Well, have you rested up?” “Onward!” It’s time, friends, for the road!) 8 Cleon and Diodot (There’s a stirring and anxiety in Athens, the Athenians convened a concil) 8 From my diary (I. O storm clouds…) II. “Dnipro is a bandit”. III. With blue tears the lake cries profusely) 8 We live as a commune (I. We live as a commune, we work. II. Yellow butterflies are over the cabbage patch. III. At night we dream of phalanxes. IV. We still don’t have enough music. V. You’ve turned gray, my Dnipro. VI. Do you want me, Dnipro, to read for you? VII. A gale from the north and south. VIII. It dances to it’s heart’s content. IX. Sometimes—he’s like a gentleman. X. We live as a commune, we work. 8 Blacksmith street: Sunset I (I walk on, forward). Sunset II (No, I can’t resist, I’ll look back). The sun grew feeble (The sun grew feeble. A hot violet color burns). Easter Sunday (I walk back along Blacksmith Street. The sun). The first of May on Easter (Easter rain) 8 Kharkiv (I. Kharkiv, Kharkiv, where is your countenance?) II. (The streets roll past, the pavement clicks with hoves in darkness) 8 A fugue (I pass through the cemetery) 8 [Notes]. 8 Contents.


¶ 6. Vynnychenko, Volodymyr. Notes of a Pug-Nosed Mephistopheles. / Volodymyr K. Vynnychenko. Tr. by Theodore S. Prokopov. Godeffrey, N.Y. : Guymard Press [2001]. viii, 170 p. illus., port.


Translation of the novel Zapysky kyrpatoho Mefistofelia.


¶ 7. Vynnychenko, Volodymyr. Selected Short Stories. Tr. from the Ukrainian by Theodore S. Prokopov. Godeffroy, N.Y.: Guymard Press [2001]. x, 120 p. port.


Contents: Acknowledgements. 8 Translator’s foreword [ vii–x]. 8 Honor. 8 First love. 8 The moment. 8 Kooz and Hrytsoon. 8 The purchase. 8 Illusion and reality. 8 Zina. 8 A zealous friend. 8 Contrasts.


These translations were first published in 1991 (Wakefield, N.H.: Longwood Academic).


¶ 8. Vynnychuk, Yuri. The Windows of Time Frozen and Other Stories. Tr. from Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan (with one translation by Askold Melnyczuk). Translations ed. by Oksana Tatsyak. [Lviv: Klasyka, n.d. rel. 2000]. 271 p.


Contents: Acknowledgments. 8 Table of contents. 8 Introduction [p. 6–10, unsigned]. 8 I. The lyrical and philosophical imagination: An embroidered world. 8 The windows of time frozen. 8 Beatrice: twilight, the cold. 8 A dream about a tramcar. 8 II. Psychologist of the human soul: The clover was so fragrant. 8 The doorbell. 8 The vagrant. 8 III. Fantastic and alternative worlds: The pulsing beacon. 8 The snail chronicles. 8 A cat named Abel. 8 Order is everything. 8 IV. Black humor and satire: The island of Ziz [Tr. by Askold Melnyczuk]. 8 Max and me. 8 Welcome to Ratburg. 8 V. Pulp erotica: Maidens of the night: an adventure tale (Introduction. The Odessan circus tourers. The history of the first sin. The history of the second sin).


¶ 9. Warm the Children, O Sun: Selected prose fiction by Olha Kobylianska, Olena Pchilka, Nataliya Kobrynska, Lyubov Yanovska, Hrytsko Hryhorenko, Lesya Ukrainka. Tr. by Roma Franko. Ed. by Sonia Morris. Saskatoon, SK.: Language Lanterns, 2000. 471 p. ports. (Women’s voices in Ukrainian literature, v. 5).


Contents: Introduction to the series. 8 Olena Pchilka: Biographical sketch [2–3]. 8 Help! 8 The chaotic supper. 8 Nataliya Kobrynska: Biographical sketch [40–41]. 8 The dealer’s child. 8 The first teacher. 8 Liebesahnung: a presentiment of love. 8 The one left behind. 8 A candle burns. 8 Lyubov Yanovska: Biographical sketch [88–89]. 8 The ideal father. 8 Darochka. 8 Anemone; a recollection. 8 Ivas. 8 “The stranger.” 8 The secret of our princess. 8 Mykolka’s sheep. 8 The ball. 8 Olha Kobylianska: Biographical sketch [254–55]. At St. John’s monastery. 8 The diviners (A sketch). 8 To meet their fate. 8 Warm the children, o sun. 8 Hrytsko Hryhorenko: Biographical sketch [304–5]. 8 It’s that kind of a “story”. 8 Khivrya the babbler. 8 The migrants (From home and back home again). 8 She’s “literate”. 8 Lesya Ukrainka: Biographical sketch [412–13]. 8 Friendship.


Ukrainian Literature, A Journal of Translations

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